Crystal Berry Candy Charm


When the sweets witch Berry Mont Blanc’s spell went awry, she found herself trapped in one of her magical candies. Floating in jelly and cherry blossoms, she needs you to take her on adventures to help her get free! This candy keychain can be clipped to a bag, keychain, jacket, or any other accessory. The golden bow clasp will hold her securely to your belongings so you can bring her magic with you for years to come. Not actually candy, please do not eat. Approximately 11.5 cm tall from clasp to end of charm. Berry illustrated by komaru / milkyway080.

CAUTION: Due to the small amount of liquid inside, these keychains can be sensitive to drastic temperature changes. Avoid bringing them outside in extremely low temperatures (about 0°C). They are safe for bags/backpacks, but can break if dropped/collided with too harshly; please be gentle with them!

Made via Margalita Pizza Group Order

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Weight 0.0875 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1.5 × 1.25 in

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