Pre-Order FAQ

Q: What is a pre-order? Am I charged upfront?

  • Pre-Orders mean you are purchasing a product in advance, while it’s still in production!
    • You are charged upfront when you place your order. (This helps me fund production costs!)
  • Please be sure to check the estimated arrival date when ordering. Because pre-orders mean a product is still in production, it will not ship right away! Production/COVID delays out of my control may occur, but I try to post updates to my social media and shop pages- I appreciate your patience!


Q: What is a Patreon Pre-Sale?

  • I offer early access to products for supporters of my Patreon, as thanks for supporting my work!
  • For Pre-Orders: You are NOT required to be a Patron to pre-order/purchase; after the Patreon Pre-Sale period, products are offered publicly!
    • I ship orders in order of when they were placed, so a benefit of the Patreon Pre-Sale for pre-orders means you’ll be the first to receive yours! This shop is primarily run by one person (me, Abigail) so when a product is especially high in demand, it can take me a couple weeks or so to finish fulfilling all orders.
  • For In-Stock Drops: Once products arrive in stock and pre-orders have been shipped, I offer remaining stock to Patreon supporters first, before offering them publicly. (More on that below!)


Q: Is there a deadline to pre-order?

  • Note: In the past, I did not have a set “end date” for pre-orders, but for all production waves after April 15, 2022, I will be making sure the deadline to pre-order before the cap is announced in advance.
  • The Pre-Order deadline is when I finalize the production numbers- ordering before that date ensures your pre-order is secured before pre-order slots are capped.
  • After production numbers are finalized, I cap the number of pre-order slots available.
  • You can still pre-order after the deadline (unless pre-orders are sold out.)


Q: Will [item] be available after pre-orders have ended/after pre-orders sell out?

TLDR: Usually, yes!

  • Because products are handmade in small production runs, and errors can happen, I make sure to have fewer pre-order slots than the number I actually put into production. When a product arrives, I check them all myself- any items I deem below my quality standards are pulled from stock, and pre-orders are shipped out.
  • Afterwards, I offer the leftovers for sale. I offer them to my Patreon supporters first as a Patreon Pre-Sale (see above) for a few days, before I open it up to everyone. (Click here to check out my Patreon!)
  • If stock sells out, and there is still demand, pre-orders for a new production run/wave will re-open.


Q: I live in the UK or EU, how can I pre-order a plush?

  • UK Customers: Due to the post-Brexit changes in VAT that my shop is not equipped to handle, I can no longer ship to the UK from this storefront. I now handle UK orders via Etsy. Thanks for your understanding!
    • For in-stock: Please contact me with your name and desired products. I will set up a custom Etsy listing for you and reply with the link.
    • For pre-orders: Unfortunately, Etsy is a bit difficult with pre-orders; please contact me with your name, preferred contact email, and desired products to make a reservation. I will record these and contact you when I am able to make your custom Etsy listing.
  • EU Customers: Due to new import restrictions, we can no longer process plush orders to the EU. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! However, I suggest asking a friend in the US to purchase on your behalf and ship to you, or using an international shipping proxy service such as Planet Express. Please note I am NOT responsible for third parties/middleman/third party services.


Q: What are “waves”?

  • I have products produced in small production runs, that I call “waves”. Wave 1 is the first production run, Wave 2 is the second, and so on. (This primarily applies to high-demand items such as plush.)


Q: About Pre-Ordering multiple items:

  • Orders containing pre-order items will ship once all items are in stock!
    • Example: If you pre-order a Gura plush and a Korone plush, if the Gura plush arrive first, your order will not ship until Korone is also in stock.
  • If you want your pre-order items as fast as possible, your best option is to place separate orders- I cannot split orders on my end. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Q: I’m going to be moving, can I update the address on my order?

  • Absolutely! Please contact me ASAP with your order number, as well as the name and email address associated with your order, and the new address. I’ll confirm I received your email and update your order accordingly. (Please note this only applies to unshipped orders.)


Q: About order cancellations/refunds:

  • If you wish to cancel your pre-order, please contact me ASAP with your order number, as well as the name and email address associated with your order, and I will refund/cancel it. Please note this only applies to unshipped orders.
  • If production is cancelled for any reason, all orders will be refunded ASAP.


For any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me!

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