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Scuffed Plush


VTubers are no strangers to scuff- even in plush form!

Because plush are handmade items, sometimes goofs happen during production that prevent a plush from being a “Standard” grade. But they deserve love, too!

Products are graded based on how major or noticeable an error is. Below is an approximate guide on how I grade my products- please note that every artist has their own standards for their work and methods of grading.

  • S = Standard grade. Like all handmade items, minor variations and imperfections may occur- but these are as close to the prototype (the intended outcome) as possible.
  • A = Minor issues that most people won’t notice, unless you’re specifically looking for it and inspecting very closely. Often these are very close to standard grade, but I’m very particular with my products.
  • B = More noticeable issues that can be seen even at half-arm’s length. (Or more, for larger items such as plush.)
  • C or D = Unusually wonky
  • F = Generally speaking, I don’t sell these at all- but on rare occasion I’ll sell F grades at production cost.

Please note that by purchasing a non-standard grade product, you acknowledge there will be defects, and that ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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Weight 0.443 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4.5 in